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 Middle East News??

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PostSubject: Middle East News??   Fri Dec 22, 2017 1:54 am

do you get news about the ME on a regular basis say weekly or monthly or what cos here in OZ we almost get nothing. So I usually rely on a good London friend to keep me updated - one regular journo he follows and believes in is Robert Fisk - he has a long history of living and working in the ME. His stories in the Independent are often complex but so is the ME and its Sunni - v- Shiite factions and all in between. Take the Yemen for example the poorest in the ME and pounded by one of the richest Saudi Arabia. 

However to another angle - this story absolutely fascinated me and it's still about relationshjps; but also how money is moved around and how the west is always dragged into it often willingly

Banking in the ME!!
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Middle East News??
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